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Pretty much anyone these days can build a website if they have the creativity and patience for it. You can find cheap templates and go from there, right? Although this might solve a problem for your current situation, this is a ‘band-aid’ approach and you will end up paying for a professional to do it for you at a later date. We say this because we know what is out there and they are not as efficient as a custom website would be to your business.

In our experience, we see plenty of rapid developments put up on the net only for the owner to find out that the website cannot index properly with the major search engines. This is caused because of the technology used and the actual time that was sacrificed to just get the website up and running. STRING Digital is a professional web developer.

If you want to make a website just for fun or to just share with your friends then a template website would do just fine. Another great problem solver is a blogging application that will help you get your site up on a shoe-string budget. An example is STRING Digital’s Bloggy Blog Blog.

When STRING Digital builds a website it always includes (More services available):


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