Web Analytics Consultant

The importance of the Internet is understood for supporting sales/marketing, facilitating orders/supplies across the value chain, reinforcing the corporate brand and market position.

To achieve productive results, business managers need to know the strategies and tactics, that supportweb analytics.

The analysis of web metrics combined with the best practices in online and offline marketing can help drive increased revenue while reducing the costs of each sale. It also should lead to well designed web sites that facilitate rather than hinder the customer experience resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

STRING Digital can teach you how to create/manage a web analytics program, optimize the effectiveness of site content, implement customer support initiatives, and guide the usability of the interface and navigational structure.

Are you interested in knowing how people arrive at your website? How they navigate, find information and interact with your online buying process? You should be! STRING Digital will help you understand more about your customer through the use of web analytics and server logs. Contact STRING Digital Now.

Web analytics is the measurement of the behaviour of visitors to a website. In a commercial context, it especially refers to the measurement of which aspects of the website work towards the business objectives; for example, which landing pages encourage people to make a purchase.

Website Marketing

The only way to effectively market your website is to establish a goal based entirely upon the purpose of the website. For example, if the site’s purpose is eCommerce then the goal must be an increase of sales. Conversely, if there is no clear purpose for the website then it is impossible to set a goal and so all attempts at marketing the site will fail. STRING Digital can help you manage your marketing plan.

Define the purpose of the website, then build it, optimize it, market it, and finally analyze it.

Web Analytic Technologies

There are two main technological approaches to collecting web analytics data. The older method being logfile analysis; reads the logfiles in which the web server records all its transactions. The newer method being page tagging which uses JavaScript on each page to notify a third-party server when a page is rendered by a web browser. Both methods are now widely used.