Web Analysis and Strategic Planning

What is a Web Analysis and Strategic Plan?

The role of STRING Digital can cover multiple aspects of your Web Analysis and Strategy. With a mature analytics package in place, you can uniquely identify each specific customer that visits your website.

Now you can know where they came from, or how they reached you. You can tell exactly what they look at, such as a page, a product, a promotion, etc., and for how long they stayed. You can see their path, know where they had choices to make and what the end result was, good or bad. The role of the STRING Digital spans the understanding of marketing, layout, merchandising, logistics or inventory, as well as sales analysis.

Further, the search terms a user keys in and then follows reveal their intent. The more specific the term, the more transparent the intent. A business’ website must serve the content, pages, and path that match their intent if you want to convert them into a sale.

Depending on the sale’s complexity, and the amount of information a prospect needs to convert, by examining the visitor’s search behavior you can begin to uncover the state of your ‘scent trails’. You’ll see where they break down and where there’s a disconnect between what a prospect is looking for and what content you place on their path. STRING Digital will help you implement all the Web Analytics conducted.

You have to know who you are and where you want to go. In the amazon of web pages, it is easy to get lost among the increasing amount of content and competition in the search engines. You have to stand out and know what you are best at. STRING Digital will help you understand this more in depth.

Where are you now and what road do you want to travel?

Sometimes it might be the best strategy to pick the “apples” from the bottom of the search engine tree as apposed to trying to pick from the ones at the top. Sometimes, maybe a little of both. To learn more about how this strategy can meet your goals, contact us.