Search Engine Optimization Process

12 Step SEO process with STRING Digital

All SEO or search engine optimization projects conform to a 12 step process. Initial, and ongoing monthly analysis, modification, testing, and reporting are necessary to be ahead of the pack. The SEO Specialist delivers highly successful results every time.

  1. Prepare – Prepare an initial website analysis that shows STRING Digital the condition of the website at the beginning of the pre-client process. It is reviewed with the client’s marketing team, and the webmaster.
  2. Meet – STRING Digital will then determine the site’s specific goals, target market areas, and success-measurement tools.
  3. Research – Then research, analysis, and determination of the most relevant targeted
    keyword(s) and keyword phrases for the business or organization using various online practices.
  4. Review – The client then reviews the suggested list and selects those that are most
    appropriate for their business and approves the targeted keywords for inclusion in the SEO Marketing Program.
  5. Analysis – The SEO Specialist(s) then do a thorough analysis of the website. Examination of the site structure, navigation, site map and other elements that may hinder search engines crawling and indexing your pages will be documented. From there, changes to file name conventions and new page names where appropriate will be suggested.
  6. Recommendation – STRING Digital will then go through the website and determine which pages need copy changes in order to better target the approved keywords. Search Engines thrive on page copy or the written content on the pages. Suggested content is suggested using our SEO Copywriters, and submit it to you for approval, and implementation.
  7. Write – After the client approves the pages to be modified, our SEO Copywriters will either write or edit the pages based on the targeted keywords.
  8. Create – STRING Digital creates Meta tags, Title tags, and ALT tags that target the clients selected keywords. This is done on an individual page basis depending upon the page content.
  9. Test – We then test the website to verify all pages are working correctly.
  10. Submit – Once the website is approved, STRING Digital will begin submitting the clients website to search engines, and directories. The inclusions of the site pages into each search engine’s index will be closely monitored.
  11. Track – STRING Digital will then be able to begin tracking positive results! Some of the search engines and directories take approximately 4-12 weeks after the site submissions to become listed and ranked.
  12. Review – Final review. Modifications will be made to the website’s content and pages to improve results, if and when needed.

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