Link Building

The Art of Link Building

Link building is a key element to any business’ or website(s) growth strategy. External links are incoming links from other sites. As for direct access traffic, it originates from people who click on a link in their toolbar favourites or in emails, or who type a URL directly in their browser’s address bar. External links can usually be placed on your business partners’ sites and other relevant websites that could possibly bring you traffic.

The goal in mind is to have as many incoming links to your website in hopes that the visitor will contact you for your service/product. This in return will improve your search engine ranking with the major search engines.

Search engines view incoming links as a vote of confidence for your site so they tend to have a positive effect on your website(s) positioning.

Therefore you need to identify the blogs, forums, portals and product comparison sites that specifically discuss the products/services you offer.

These specialized discussion sites are all places where you can talk about your products/services, post hyperlinks to your website and boost your overall visibility.

To build a good link campaign it takes planning, execution, and time.