Email Marketing

Is Email Marketing effective?

Email marketing is a great tool to retain customers and provide an efficient means by which to test new products or promotions. There are companies out there that offer services to blast your emails to 50,000 people for a low price. This is not the STRING Digital way unless the 50,000 people are your clients or they have vouched to be on the email list(s).

STRING Digital is a “white-hat” marketing company, and not a “black-hat” company. We take pride in this aspect as there are plenty of companies out there that provide services that create spam, and nobody likes spam. Not only does the email probably go into the jumk mail filter but your domain name can get black-listed in Google and/or Yahoo’s directories.

There are many techniques in regards to email marketing. Similar to web design and development, content, product/service, design, email list, and timing are all to be considered.

Email campaigns can be created from scratch with a plan in mind and/or can be implemented through software or web applications that provide such a service. There are a vast amount of services to choose from and STRING Digital can help limit your choices to take the best route.