Email Campaign Creation

Email Marketing help…

STRING Digital can help you create and monitor an Email Campaign to bring back positive results. In order to create a solid email campaign the follow questions are some that should be seriously considered:

  1. Was the email successful? Successful in what way?
  2. What was the purpose of the email?
  3. Was it to drive traffic to the site?
  4. Was it to drive traffic to a landing page specific to the new offering?
  5. Was it to drive sales of the total site or of the specific product or service? Or was it only meant to introduce and/or increase awareness?

These questions come from your Web Analyst who will help you understand your clients, and your business, through the use of web intelligence and support.

If you are in need of email campaign creation, contact us now.

If you are a small business owner and have ran email campaigns in the past or are currently doing so then STRING Digital would definitley like to work with you to optimize your progress.

An in-depth analysis by STRING Digital would be preferred to give consideration as to how content can be effectively categorized, and the persona’s/customer segments that can be targeted. Further, the “shotgun” blast of emails (increasing frequency) could theoretically ignore a fundamental aspect of email marketing, which is the ability to develop a relationship with the target audience!

The solution rests in two key factors, content relevance, (is the target audience interested in what is being communicated?) and trust (you need to build a reputation in the audiences eyes, where they trust the communications, and know they can rely on the communications to be informative and of value).